Happy Easter/Semana Santa "Holy Week"

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1 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
Office Area
Kitchen and living area
Covered Parking
Storage Room
Garden with Fruit trees
Size: 15 meter x 23.5 meter or 3,948 sq. Ft

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2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Kitchen/ Dining & Living area
Private Jacuzzi and shared Pool
Laundry Room
Terrence with views of town and the ocean


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38 Hotel Rooms
Large Auditorium
A Restaurant
Large Recreation area
Central A/C
3 Bedroom House


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$64,000 USD
$180,000 USD
$1,120,000 USD



Penthouse 6320

Personalized service
Experienced guides / Professional instructors
Small groups on fast, small, canopied boats
High pressure steel tanks – 100 & 120 cu. ft.
Daily equipment rental
Boat equipped with DAN O2, first aid kit and Marine radio
3 Employees


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3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
Electric Hot water tank Washer/Dryer
Enclosed tiled Patio
Enclosed Parking
Auto Garage door for 1 car



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South Coast

2 Levels
3 Bedrooms
3.5 Bathrooms
Breakfast room
Living and dining area
Roof Top with Jacuzzi
Size: 431sq.mts / 4,637

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$150,000 USD
$155,000 USD
$699,000 USD




Penthouse 5300

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$250,000 USD
$198,000 USD
$2,000,000 USD

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$240,000 USD
$245,000 USD
170,000 USD

A 401


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$2,000.00 USD PER MONTH
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March 25th marked the day for the March event of the Trashy Little Group. We are happy to report several other events promoted by Cozumel residents and the Ecological Department, have been making a BIG difference on our eastern shores this past month. Sadly, it usually isn’t very difficult to find plenty of trash on the beaches to stop and have our event for the day, but this month was different! After meeting up at the Rasta Bar on the southeast part of the island, The Trashy Little Group had to drive several kilometers north to find a beach area with enough trash to pick up. We did find plenty to haul away, and the Trashy Group did just that. In about an hour we counted 30 bags of litter and Marine debris removed from a gem of a spot just south of the Buena Vista Ranch entrance. It was a beautiful morning, made even brighter by several new faces joining in, as well as old friends who have stepped up to do their part from the very beginning. As we drove home, we passed Rafael Chacon’s 2 busloads of students from Cozumel schools winding up the Ecological Department’s huge event. Approximately 100 students gathered 200 bags of trash, and then had a fine time swimming and relaxing before they returned to town. Thanks to all of you for spending the morning giving back to
beautify Cozumel. We are really making a difference out there. On another note, it is worth mentioning that many individual efforts throughout March have made a substantial contribution to raising the bag counter. I want to recognize the big contribution made by our trashy friends Maria Edwards Boyd-Scott and Joey Boyd- Scott this past month as they have made it their mission to clean out the beach area next to the El Cantil condos in town. Their fine example helps our movement continue to catch on and take hold with others who want a cleaner Cozumel. As always we encourage you to patronize our hidden treasure sponsors, as a way to say thank you for their support;

Guidos Restaurant **Tienda Guidos Delicatessen**Blue Angel Resort, Restaurant, and Scuba School **La Choza Blu Bambu Salon Spa** Rock n’ Java Tex Mex Restaurant

We’re up to 341 bags so far in 2012! Can we hit 1000 this year? Join the Trashy

Little Group on facebook, get involved, have fun being a part of the solution.
The Trashy Group reports on great accomplishments in the month of March

You may find the Trashy Little Group - please join us! on. Join up and join the fun in 2012!



Mexico has a variety of traditional Easter customs and religious celebrations, many
of them deriving from the Spanish, with a diversity of traditions linked to particular regions and cities.
The Easter season begins on Miercoles de Ceniza (Ash Wednesday)
and continues through Cuaresma (Lent), the 40-day period until Semana Santa (Holy Week).
Semana Santa (Holy Week) begins on Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday),
the day of Christ's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.Sabado de Gloria (Holy Saturday)
memorializes the full day Christ was in the tomb. Domingo de Pascua (Easter Sunday) celebrates the Resurrection
of Christ. On Jueves Santo, Viernes Santo, Sabado de Gloria,
and Domingo de Pascua, there is a specialmass each day. Another tradition still popular in southern
Mexico is the "burning of Judas," practiced on Sabado de Gloria,
in which effigies of Judas (with firecrackers inside!) are burnt.



Cozumel To Host World Famous Regatta

Mexico's president, Felipe Calderón, came to Cozumel, to inaugurate the new marina and to announce that the island will host part of the 2013/2014 Clipper Round The World Yacht Race.

The world famous regatta will see exciting activities centered around the island's new marina, which is expected to be operational in the next two months.

William Ward, CEO of Clipper Ventures, the British organizers of the race, told This is Cozumel today, "We are always looking for new exciting places to berth and Cozumel's surroundings, world renowned coastline and history will be a delight for our sponsors and crew and will give Cozumel a great platform to market itself globally." The fleet of twelve identical 70 foot racing yachts will set sail from England in 2013 to circumnavigate the world in an eleven month-long marathon that is expected to arrive to Cozumel around April 2014.

The surrounding hotel and residential construction will not be completed for several more years, but the last major step to finish the marina itself was completed recently, when the channel connecting the berths for 327 boats was opened to the sea.
Local boats are expected to start using the marina in the coming months.

Marina Cozumel represents one of the current Mexican government's largest investments in tourism infrastructure, and has been managed by Fonatur, the same federal agency that created the Mexican Caribbean resort of Cancun.







Despite bad press and travel warnings, Mexico tourism holds its own

Despite a steady stream of bad press, CNN reports that Mexico remains a popular destination for spring break vacationers,
and continues to hold its place as the top foreign country visited by Americans for over two decades.

The Mexico Tourism Board estimates 52 million domestic and international tourists to the southeastern part
of the country in 2012, thanks to public relations efforts to direct tourists to destinations which reflect the
experience of most visitors to the country who stay away from Northern areas, which are plagued by cartel-related violence.

The press jumped on the heels of the latest U.S. Travel Advisory for Mexico in February, however
Rodolfo Lopez Negrete, the CEO of Mexico's Tourism Board views the advisory as a positive thing, saying
he welcomed the extent to which the advisory pinpointed which areas to avoid, and which ones were safe.

Negrete told CNN: "We try to put things within the proper context of making sure people understand
that if there are problems in certain pockets of the country, that doesn't mean the major resort destinations and
city center destinations are in danger. Mexico is a very large country, the size of western Europe, so it's unfair to paint
Mexico with such a massively broad stroke." There are many places in Mexico for which there is no
travel advisory in effect, including Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, San Miguel de Allende, and Mexico City, the nation's capital.





Cozumel Participates in Earth One Hour Blackout

The mayor, Aurelio Joaquin, has invited the citizens to join this effort by turning off the lights in their homes and also non-essential electrical appliances, as well as join a walk beginning at Palomar, located on Avenida Rafael Melgar and Calle 10 north at City hall to witness the lights going out.


Plastic Surgery in Cozumel

High domestic medical costs and soaring demand for plastic surgery in the United States mean Mexico
is becoming a natural alternative for Americans seeking an affordable tuck-and-nip or nose job, and Cozumel is
at the forefront of the trend.

Local clinics, hotels and even politicians have been promoting the island as a destination for cosmetic surgery,
weight loss and other medical tourism, and patients from far and wide are now discovering the benefits of combining medical procedures with a vacation,
allowing them to relax and recover in a safe, comfortable environment.

Whether you're just starting your research or are ready to go ahead, Cozumel represents
an excellent option to consider for safe, affordable plastic surgery.



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