HAPPY VALENTINES DAY coming up this month. We have already scheduled two closings for February 14th this year.


Carnaval Photos Here



Cozumel had 4 festive days of Carnival parades this year.


On January 31st we held a very successful open house at Casa Lala. We plan on holding open houses each Thursday from 10 to noon, so if you are in town, please plan on joining us. February 07 we will have open houses at Casa Hibiscus and Casa Mexicana both located very close together one block from the ocean in Corpus Christi neighborhood. Looking forward to seeing you there. Tell your friends about it! A great way to get to see some of the beautiful homes of Cozumel.

We also held an open house in Nah Ha 502 to promote the fractional ownership. The owner has all of the documents prepared to pass a percentage of the title. The condo is beautifully furnished and is renting well at $300 USD per night at least 2 weeks per month. HOA (Home Owners Association) dues are $700 per month, but will be proportionate to your percent of interest in the condo. With the condo renting so well, it looks like HOA dues will be offset by rentals. The owner is selling either 4 one week interests for $60,000 USD or 3 month (12 week stays) quarter interests for $171,000. A GREAT WAY TO OWN AN AFFORDABLE VACATION RENTAL DIRECTLY ON THE OCEAN !!!


A review of recent international articles on:

Real Estate Still Booming in Cozumel

Chicago – January 15, 2008:

With a flip of the calendar, a new year in travel begins. And while January brings wintry weather to much of the country, it also gets travelers thinking about the best destinations to escape the chill. This month, the Insiders at Orbitz have looked to points south, west, and overseas to uncover the fastest growing winter beach destinations and some off-beat Insiders picks in its January 2008 Orbitz Insider Index

…Outside the U.S., Cozumel, Mexico continues to boom and checked in as the No. 1 fastest growing International beach destination. In fact, Mexico topped the Caribbean with 7 of the top 10, including the top 3: Cozumel, Riviera Maya (No. 2), and Playa del Carmen (No. 3). Jamaica´s Negril Beach, Brazil´s Rio De Janeiro and the Island of Aruba split up the popular Mexican Beaches, holding the No 4, 5, and 6 spots respectively.¨

The Los Angeles Times – January 28, 2008: Reported by Evelyn Iritani

“Real Estate experts in Mexico worry that the giant sound they hear is the softening U.S. housing market sucking out money that Americans have poured into vacation homes south of the border.

But… the cooling U.S. housing market hasn´t stemmed the influx of foreign dollars into Mexico´s booming coastal resort areas, government and real estate officials said.

¨We have some concerns about the slowing U.S. housing market, but there are many other things working for us, ¨said John McCarthy, the tourism agency´s director general, who was in Beverly Hills, CA, last week to speak to U.S. investors. ¨Most of our buyers are baby boomers who have paid off in good part their initial mortgage and are coming into inheritance money¨

Janette and Harvey Craig, who paid 60,000.00 USD four years ago for a piece of beach front property in Litibu, a small beachfront community about 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. The Craig´s expect the parcel, worth about 300,000.00 USD today, to become more valuable in three years, when a nearby resort, which will include hotels and a golf course designed by Greg Norman, is completed. “It´s just going to push prices higher and higher,” said Janette.

In the past, foreigners have been wary of investing in Mexico because of legal problems, corruption and red tape. But changes in Mexican laws have made it easier for foreigners to own properties through bank trusts. Major U.S. companies have begun offering mortgages and title insurance.

Mexico is also drawing a lot of attention from Europe. Last year, Spanish companies were the top investors in the tourist industry, pumping $416 million into resort properties. U.S. investors followed with $321 million, according to the tourism agency.

Tourism is the third largest generator of foreign exchange in Mexico, after oil and remittance from Mexicans living abroad.”

In spite of the booming economy, Cozumel still maintains its quaint charm that brings people back time and again.


New Cozumel Living Listings:


Casa Hibiscus - A very conveniently located, beautiful, large home with nice sized yard, pool with waterfall, pull in parking located one block from the ocean in the great vacation rental neighborhood of Corpus Christi. The home has 3 bedrooms, tv room, meditation room or is a 5 bedroom!! The lot 18 x 22 meters or 60 x 74 feet is larger than most lots in Corpus. There is a laundry room, interior patio with fountain, large balcony terrace , mini-split air conditioning, 2 stories and beautifully furnished. $450,000 USD


Casa Esteban - Located on a private street off Calle 2 north between 30 & 35 Av. is this nice 3 bedroom, 3 bath rental home with window unit air conditioning, patio, pull in gated parking, fully furnished, lots of storage, Foreign ownership so the trust can be transferred quickly and easily. Nice sized kitchen, living, and dining room. Rents weekly from $450 to $650 and $975 during Christmas and New Years. A consistently great little rental that is usually booked. A GREAT DEAL AT: $115,000 USD



Nah Ha Condominium Building - #502 - Fractional ownership (A great way to own in a vacation resort area). Rentals will apply against Home Owner Association dues of $700/mo. Right now the beautifully furnished 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath oceanfront condo rents for $300/day with bookings about 1/2 of each month. Buy 4 one week stays equal to 1/8th interest in the condo for $60,000 USD or buy a QUARTER of the year (3 month stay = 12 weeks) for $171,000 USD.



Hacienda Monte Cristo - #4 - 2 bedroom, 3 baths fully furnished with very nice furnishings. Located on the 2nd level with terrace. Large master bedroom. Comes with stainless steel appliances. Enjoy the tranquility of the north tourist area in Country Club Estates across from the golf course where you can walk along the sandy beach for miles.

$300,000 USD (NEGOTIABLE!!!)



Playa Caletita Lot - DEVELOPERS DREAM!!! Located across from the ocean at the lighthouse south of town. Over 13,000 m2 of prime real estate priced per square meter the same as the excellent vacation rental neighborhood of Corpus Christi, but with higher density levels. Cozumel Living has just listed the property and reduced the asking price by $1,000,000. GREAT PRICE. $3,999,000.00 USD




Seventh Heaven (Cielos Siete) - Commercial building on a large lot with plenty of parking behind. There are 3 offices in the building located on Calle 7 between Melgar & 5 Av. The driveway exit from Punta Langosta is across the street. The building can be seen from Melgar Av. making it an excellent business location. 10 x 36 m = 360 m2 lot $560,000.



Lot Infinitum: Big 30 x 35 m = 1,050 m2 on Calle 23 Street South at the end of 15 Av. Bis

$210,000 USD or a 15 x 35 = 525 m2 for $120,000. Each of the 15 meter wide lots are titled separately. Located in the Corpus Christi area. There is also a 9 meter lot on the corner that can be included making a total of 1365 m2 corner lot in a GREAT LOCATION.



Villa Las Glorias: 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath oceanfront home with pool and covered palapa shade area. Decorative water fountain pool in the front. Located on a beautiful wide sandy beach just north of San Francisco Beach Club. Fully furnished. Rents now as a vacation rental with good income. REDUCED TO $1,300,000.00 US



Caribe Mexicana Lot #1 - 18.75 meter x 100 meter deep to build high density or residential property.

Caribe Mexicana Lot #2 next to lot #1 is also for sale. Buy both together for a 37.5 x 100 meter total lot for $1,000,000 USD or each lot separately for $555,000 USD each. Great investment opportunity.

Xtama 3-5 - on the BEST, wide, sandy beach on the south end of the island of Cozumel by San Francisco and the Playa Mia Beach clubs . 24 x 170 meters. Located beside a large 10,000 s.f. private home under construction. Great property for a residential home or commercial development. $1,000.000 USD




24 Condos (21 remaining) in 8 Buildings 3 levels. One condo per level. Penthouse units will have roof top garden with Jacuzzi Sandy, private ocean front beach, 2 swimming pools, Located north of San Francisco Beach Club. Prices start at $510,000. USD



Residencia Reef Building 4 - #8180 - The only 2 bedroom unit in the building located on the north corner lower level with a wrap around covered patio. Walk right out to the large swimming pool and this beautiful sandy beach and enjoy the tranquility of the Caribbean ocean. This 2 bedroom condo is fully furnished with beautiful furnishings.

$299,000 USD



Casa Pina - Just reduced to $67,500 USD.

1 bedroom, Living, Dining, Kitchen with stairs to rooftop to add a 2nd level. Small garden in front with pull in gated parking. Window unit air conditioning. 91 m2 of construction (1,000 s.f.) Lot is 8 x 21 meters. Some furnishings included.



Owner/Agent: Nancy Edwards nancy@cozumelliving.com cell # 044-987-111-4515

Agent: Magda Perez magda@cozumelliving.com cell # 044-987-878-5086

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Agent/Legal aid: Eric Baas Mena eric@cozumelliving.com cell # 044-987-103-4975

Agent/Accountant: Arturo Salinas arturo@cozumelliving.com cell # 044-987-102-2268

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Cozumel Living is a Multi-Listing company, we can assist you with other listings on the island.

If you would like additional information on these or any other properties, please don`t hesitate to contact us !!!

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