Cozumel Living wishes everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  The challenges of 2008 are behind us, and 2009 is shaping up to be our most exciting year ever.  Now is the time to buy in Cozumel. There are some great bargains, new financing options, and a very favorable exchange rate - especially from local people pricing their properties in pesos.   The exchange rate was 13.77 today!!  Your dollar goes a long way in Mexico right now.


We are pleased to announce that Cozumel Living is being featured in the January 7th, 2009 NEW YORK TIMES online! Be sure to read the upcoming article entitled

"ON THE MARKET IN COZUMEL" By Virginia Claire Maguire

She has chosen to highlight Cozumel Living and our listing, Casa Cara al Sol.

YOU CAN’T BUY this type of promotion.  This should help to bring buyers to the island, and underscore the fact with all past, present, and future clients that Cozumel Living leads the way in the Cozumel marketplace.


The challenges of 2008 have inspired us to make some important changes at Cozumel Living. We have cultivated some exciting new tools for the promotion of properties for our sellers, and made some difficult managerial decisions to keep Cozumel Living the top choice for both buyers and sellers. We represent over 1/2 of the entire listings on the island, with more properties joining our listings every week! We’ve streamlined and updated our staff, and we are placing our emphasis firmly back on excellent customer service for our sellers and prospective buyers. When we meet to talk with you about listing your property, we are able to offer more valuable tools, pricing expertise, wider web based syndication, and most important,  a more engaging relationship to facilitate the selling process. For example:

1) We are pledging to issue new monthly activity reports to every listing owner giving them the activity on their property and possible suggestions to help advance their sale.

2) We will have at least one big open house per month inviting not only all fellow realtors, but friends and clients to help spread the word about the property. This is not only enjoyable, but gives the entire community a chance to come together to help match a seller, a neighbor, an acquaintance, or a friend with the right buyer.

3) As proud members of A.M.P.I. (www.ampicozumel.com) we enjoy the full benefits of the Multi-Listing Service in Cozumel. This professional organization provides many valuable resources for Cozumel Living agents in terms of listing visibility, organization, and professional ethics and standards of conduct so crucial in today’s competitive environment.

4) If you have not visited Cozumel Living lately, we invite you to stop by. We not only have select properties featured in the front window, but we also have a rotating digital photo frame of our homes, and some fun free promotional items to give away!




Casa Colores

Casa Amarilla

Casa Baranca





Lot Arboles

100,000 m2 lot approximately 3 kilometers East of Punta Chiqueros on the interior of the island.  Access road to lot.  Forested lot with no standing water, has plenty of wildlife, variety of foilage, and probably a cenote or two.  Building is limited to one level wooden/natural stone structure.  Electrical would only be through a generator, wind power or solar.  No city services.  Water can be obtained via a well.   Priced to sell at $69,000 USD.  Annual property taxes are less than $100 USD per year.

Casa Dos


Two cute 2 bedroom, 1 bath homes with living/dining/kitchen and a yard between the homes.  On a 12 x 30 meter corner lot on Hidalgo at 50 Av.  GREAT PRICE for both homes $85,000 USD   (Reduced from $120,000 for a quick sale.)

Casa Sean

This is a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath furnished home with a pool table and swimming pool.  Large grassy landscaped lot beside the house.  FOR SALE OR FOR RENT

Sales price $420,000 (includes walled lot).  Rental price $1300/mo.

Many other opportunities!!  Now is the time to make an offer.

Visit www.cozumelliving.com and our new multi-listing AMPI (Mexican Board of Realtors) page www.ampicozumel.com and ask for Cozumel Living assistance.  We can show and sell all properties on these pages.  Looking forward to your visit and hearing from you.

Nancy Edwards

Cozumel Living