Calle 7 Sur between 85 Av. Sur / 85 Av Sur Bis

Lot Size: 533.34m2 / 5,740 sq. ft.

With 10 Ft concrete Wall all around the lot.

$85,000 USD



Beautiful 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom Condo on the 5th floor of Puesta del Sol phase I. Nicely decorated, open style living-dining room with fully equipped kitchen. Spacious master bedroom with private bathroom and TV/computer area, offering wonderful ocean views. Just minutes from downtown, Puesta del Sol is located along the quiet northern coast of Cozumel known for it's beautiful multi-colored waters. This spectacular ocean front living offers, airport and shopping convenience, easy walk into downtown, and solid concrete construction including all interior walls.Oceanfront sundeck with pool provide a pleasant spot for lounging. Enjoy fabulous sunset views relaxing poolside! 1,400 sq.ft.


$320,000 USD


More Photos

El Cantil Penthouse A Sur

This fabulous penthouse offers 4212 sq. ft., with 4+ Bedrooms 4.5 Baths (Sleeps 8-10) with privatesecure elevator that opens directly into the unit. Enjoy floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and breathtaking views of the Caribbean Ocean to Playa del Carmen and Xcaret. Ceramic tile floors, striking carved wood, rattan, and leather furniture, quality sofas and chairs featuring many Tommy Bahama fine furnishings, fine art in every room. This spectacularly decorated spacious property sets the standard in distinctive Cozumel condominium living. Top quality ceiling fans, and 13 Ton A/C capacity in 3 zones. Satellite-TV, DVD/CD, and stereo with surround sound.

Super convenient to all shopping and activities, this distinctive property is an excellent income producing rental with professional management available.

Offered at only $885,000 USD you will find nothing on the market today
that compares to the value of this turnkey property. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity!

$799,000 USD

* Your trip to Cozumel paid for (two people) and a free stay for one week at the Penthouse if offer submitted with non-refundable deposit during your stay (limit in value to $2,750 including normal rental value).

*Restrictions apply and are subject to availability.

<< more photos >>




13 Sur at the corner of 25 Av Sur #900 Corpus Christi

Big, spacious 2-story, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home located in the Corpus Christi neighborhood. This ideal family home offers living room, dining room, kitchen
Nicely tiled upstairs outdoor terrace featuring wonderful iguana artwork in broken blues and yellow tiles.

Has an independent apartment with bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning in the outside accessed from the outdoor terrace. The garage entrance is in the back with another big bedroom and bathroom.

Lot dimension: 12 meters (front) X 20 meters (deep).
Lot Size: 240m2 = 2583.33 Sq. Ft.

$230,000 USD

more photos>>

35 Av Norte #51 corner Av Juarez Bis, Col. 10 de Abril

Located at 1 block from Av. Juarez, on the corner of Juarez Bis, really close to downtown, shops. and restaurant
this house has 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom, garage for two cars, enough space in the
backyard to build a pool or a guest apartment independent from the house,
Constructed by a good Cozumel builder that has built many similar homes in the area and has all the potential at a very good price

Lot size: 232.90 m2 / 2,506 sq. ft.
Construction: 133.36 m2 = 1,435 sq.ft.

$ 130,000 USD
more photos>>


Dive Shop for $225,000 FIRM ..more info.

Boutique Beachwear/Surf shop
with a unique, special, brand new inventory. Been an established business here 10 years in a good, inexpensive rental location. Owner needs cash to finish his new Cozumel home!
$100,000 USD

CELLULAR Business for sale, great rental location, office furniture and equipment, permits and concession $ 25,000 USD

Casa Rancho
Carretera Costera Sur Km 7

A home with beautiful views of the jungle. Located a short distance to the highway, yet very private and off the beaten path. The home is 3 levels, 4 bedrooms. 1st floor Kitchen, living, bathroom, on the 2nd floor, 2 small bedrooms and 1 bathroom, and on the 3rd floor there are 2 bedrooms and a patio for excellent viewing, and even an ocean glimpse. The lot has many fruit trees, a driveway in, a well, septic tank, and a cenote. Live with nature. Lot big enough to build 12 to 20 additional homes.Lot size: 5,000 m2/ 53,819 sq.ft
Construction: 90m2 / 968 sq.ft

$250,000 USD

<< more photos>>

Puesta del Sol- Phase 1- 3 Sur
North Zone- Hotel Zone

This lovely 3 bedroom condominium offers beautiful ocean views from your dining room, living room and master bedroom. It comes fully furnished. It's located 10 minutes from downtown, 5 min. to the airport, and 4 minutes to the Golf course. Has a fantastic terrace with pool where you can enjoy while relaxing, incredible sunsets ... ready to move in and enjoy!!

Owner Financing !!!!

$360,000 USD

<<more photos>>

Condo Jose
At the corner of Calle 21 sur and Av 20

This nice apartment is located in the lovely Corpus Christi neighborhood, just 5 blocks from the ocean and 5 minutes to downtown, it offers: 2 bedrooms, 1-Bathroom, living room and dining room, kitchen, parking area, 2nd floor and has view to the pool. Condos fees $ 300.00 pesos (+/- 25 USD)

$89,000 USD



Located in the Juan Bautista neighborhood this lovely home of two levels offers:
2-bedrooms with A/C minisplits, 2.5-bathrooms, master bathroom with tub and 2 showers, kitchen, living room, dining room, ceiling fans through out, studio that could upgrade for a third bedroom, terrace, well in the backyard with enough space for a pool, washer/dryer area, and a lovely front yard with garage for two cars, water cistern and well.

Also it comes with furniture; just ready to move in!!!!

Lot Size 156 mts2 / 1,646 sq,ft
Construction Size 156mts2 / 1,683.36 sq.ft

$155,000 USD

<<more photos>>



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Calle 23 Sur# 1488, at the end of
15 Av. Bis

in Corpus Christi neighborhood

Cozumel Living Supports Beach Clean-up efforts.

We had a great time joining Kathy Watt's "Trashy Little Group" on December 6th for their first ever clean up event on the east side of the island. Nineteen members of the facebook group joined in and cleaned a large stretch of beach on a beautiful Sunday morning. Afterward, brunch was served by group members. It was a beautiful day and lots of fun!

Next Trashy Little Event is scheduled for :

Beach Clean up and Big Brunch n' Munch!
January 9th, 2011.

All are welcome to join the facebook group and support clean up in Cozumel or any area near and dear to you. For more information contact us, or simply search the "Trashy Little Group" on facebook.

Mexico’s Health Care: First-Rate, and at Bargain Prices
By Glynna Prentice

Recently I had an eye problem and went to see an ophthalmologist in Mérida. The doctor’s office was bright, immaculate and had the same equipment I was used to in the States (as well as a couple of specialized, high-tech machines that aren’t routine equipment). A very efficient, white-uniformed nurse gave me a preliminary check-up. The doctor himself ­who spoke English--then spent about half an hour checking my eyes and giving me prescriptions and a treatment plan. The doctor’s visit cost me 500 pesos, which these days is about $40. And I spent another $30 or so on eye-drop medications he prescribed. The entire cost was less than a doctor’s visit would have run in the U.S. Just a couple of weeks ago, I heard a Mexican doctor, Dr. Luis Suárez, talk about the high quality and low cost of Mexico’s health care at International Living’s Live and Invest in Mexico conference in Tulúm. But I have to admit, there’s nothing like experiencing Mexico’s health care firsthand to make you a believer… Dr. Suárez, ­young, energetic, fluent in English and with a modern, integrative medical practice ­is a good example of the top-notch doctors you can find across Mexico. And like Dr. Suárez and my ophthalmologist, my dentist, too, is up-to-date and English-speaking. In mid-sized and large cities you can usually find numerous clinics, hospitals, and physicians in private practice where the quality of care is similar to (or even better than) what you’d find in your home city in the U.S. or Canada. Most major expat destinations in Mexico have at least two top-notch hospitals. In fact, a place often becomes an expat haven in part because good health care is available there.

Mérida, for instance, has the Star Médica Hospital and the Clínica de Mérida, among other options. Puerto Vallarta’s private hospitals include the CMQ, Amerimed and the Cornerstone Hospital. In addition to its local clinics, the Lake Chapala area has easy access to hospitals in Guadalajara­, Mexico’s second-largest city and a medical-care hub. And the list goes on and on…. When I’m scouting out a destination I always check on the health care there. Fortunately, I find that the list of good hospitals, clinics­ and medical staff to run them ­is getting longer all the time.

Note: In Cozumel, we have excellent hospital care in CMC Hospital and Clinica San Miguel. My experience with doctors and dentists here has been extraordinary. They are very experienced, inexpensive, and caring.




As we near the end of 2010, it is a good time to reflect on some transactions that we have put together in recent months that may stir up some new business for you in 2011. Most agents and developers in Mexico haven't worked transactions that used mortgage financing. Here are 2 scenarios for you to consider for prospects who may benefit from mortgage financing. Remember, interest rates are the lowest they have ever been in Mexico, and it has become very difficult for buyers to borrow money against equity from real estate in their home country. Many people no longer have equity in their homes, and even if they do, interest rates, and loan fees have increased, as well as underwriting guidelines have become much more difficult. Borrowing against their Mexico property is an excellent alternative to consider when buying in Mexico and using our financing options.

Scenario #1 - We have recently worked a transaction where the buyer received a discount of 30% for paying cash for a new condo. By using our loan programs, the developer receives full cash at time of closing, so he was willing to give the cash discount price. The developer was willing to finance the purchase, but it was for a short term of only 3 to 5 years, and at high interest rates. Of course until the loan is paid off to the builder, she (the buyer) would not be able to receive title on the property, and she would be paying full price if she used builder financing. We have found that most developers prefer to receive full cash at time of closing rather than finance the purchase themselves, so they are willing to offer a discounted price. On a $400,000 condo with a 30% discount for cash to the builder at closing, this immediately makes the purchase price $280,000 instead of $400,000. With only 25% downpayment required for our loans, the buyer was able to get into the new condo for only $70,000 (25% of $280,000) plus closing costs. The monthly payment for a 75% loan to value ($210,000) is only $1,362. If she were to use builder financing, her monthly payments with the same downpayment of $70,000 (builder carry $330,000 balance at 10%, and fully paid off in 5 years), the monthly payment would be $7,012. This is a savings of almost $6,000/month! Although the condo will be paid out over 30 years vs. 5 years, most buyers these days are looking at cash flow and want to keep monthly payments at a minimum. Even for buyers who CAN pay cash, they prefer to hold on to as much cash as possible and leverage their purchase in Mexico. The builder will be receiving cash at closing and was agreeable to the buyer getting a loan from us as long as he knew there would be a fast closing. We put 90 days in the contract and will be closing this in early January. Our normal closing time is 60 to 75 days, and we usually have loan approval back in 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly the buyers get their information to us for submission of the loan file to our underwriter.

Scenario #2 - similar to the scenario above, but this gentleman has been making payments to the builder for a couple of years. He has decided to get a loan from me - he will be saving over $8,000/month between his current payment and our new loan. He is able to finance all of his closing costs in this loan so he doesn't need to pay any cash out of pocket, and he will have title to his property once we close later this month. He gets to continue to enjoy his new condo, keep over $8,000 more in his pocket every month, and keep his credit rating strong by being able to payoff some other obligations. Do you have any clients who have purchased a condo with builder financing? Do them a favor and have them call me to see if getting a loan from us makes economic sense for them.


Mexico eyes carbon capture, more wind power

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico is studying two pilot carbon capture and storage projects and aims to quintuple wind power capacity by 2012 to trim the carbon footprint of its huge energy sector, the country's energy minister said. New rules for calculating electricity transmission costs have attracted several large firms including cement maker Cemex and baker Bimbo into building massive wind farms to supply their factories without subsidies and more firms are lining up to build projects, said Energy Minister Georgina Kessel in an interview on Monday. "There will be news soon. This is an example of how appropriate regulation can make renewable energy and cogeneration profitable," said Kessel, insisting that no subsidies were behind the boom. Mexico, the world's No. 7 oil producer, has set itself the goal of getting more than a quarter of its energy from renewable sources including hydroelectricity by 2012, and is aiming to demonstrate that although it is still a developing nation it is able to sustain economy growth even as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The country's foray into carbon capture and storage (CCS), an as yet unproven technology that aims to sequester the greenhouse gases produced when fossil fuels are burned, is a long way from becoming reality, Kessel cautioned, but is under study with international partners. State oil monopoly Pemex is considering capturing carbon dioxide at some of its industrial plants to inject in older oil fields to boost crude output, Kessel said. The federal electricity company is also eyeing a CCS project as a first step toward firming up its longer term plans for new generation capacity. CCS is viewed by many oil and coal producing nations as a way to keep producing these fuels if an international agreement to slash carbon dioxide emissions is reached. Demonstration projects are underway in several countries. President Felipe Calderon, a former energy minister, has made climate change a top priority for his government, launching a voluntary plan to cut Mexico's carbon emissions by more than 50 million tons of CO2 equivalent per year by 2012, mostly through energy efficiency measures and better forest management. Installed wind power capacity in Mexico in 2006 when Calderon took office was less than five megawatts but has since surged to 500 MW and officials hope to reach 2,500 MW by 2012 when Calderon's term ends. Bimbo said last week it hired privately-held Spanish firm Renovalia to build it a $200 million 90 megawatt wind farm that would power 65 plants and office buildings in Mexico. Government studies have determined that Mexico has more than 70,000 MW of wind power potential, more than enough to replace the country's entire existing power generation capacity. The country also enjoys areas with sustained strong winds that give wind farms in the country availability factors far above those in Europe, Kessel said.

(Reporting by Robert Campbell; editing by Sofina Mirza-Reid)


Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Judging from the numbers, many are saying 'Yes'
By Jayne Clark, USA TODAY

Since the lifeblood of the real estate industry in Mexico is tourism, an article in USA Today last week is fantastic news. Tourism to Mexico in 2010 is nearly equal to the record number of tourists in record-breaking 2008 and up almost 19% over 2009. This bodes very well for the real estate industry in Mexico for 2011. Take a few minutes to read this article and forward it on to potential clients and other agents. Spread the good word. It has been my experience that people who have been coming to Mexico for many years are still coming down. People who may be considering coming down to Mexico for the first time may be fearful of coming to Mexico because they only know what they are reading about - the drug violence. Based on this article, I would say that in addition to the long-time Mexico visitors, there must also be a fair number of new visitors coming to Mexico as well. The long-time visitors to Mexico are strong candidates for purchasing real estate in Mexico because out of curiosity, most of them have looked at prices of properties during their previous trips and they can see clearly that prices are the lowest right now that they have been for many years. We all know that the market will be coming back, so now is a great time to buy - low prices and the lowest interest rates ever in Mexico. People also know that interest rates are going to be going up in the future, so now is the time to take advantage of the lowest interest rates ever in Mexico. I tell my prospective borrowers that in a year or two, they are going to be VERY happy they decided to buy right now rather than wait.

On another topic, I also know that agents and developers in Mexico are becoming more aware of the benefits of Social Media through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others. I can tell you that I have engaged the services of my son, Andrew at the beginning of 2010, and this has contributed to our record-breaking year as well. Other lenders have been busy this year, but most have not had a record-breaking year such as Mortgages In Mexico has. Andrew graduated with a degree in Advertising from the University of Oklahoma in 2009 and interned with one of the largest advertising and marketing companies in the US - the Richards Group in Dallas, TX. He worked on the Home Depot account - their largest account, and Andrew became very aware of the importance that Social Media plays in today's marketing plan for companies large and small. During his last semester of school, he established his own social media company called New Media Fluent - designed to help businesses use Social Media as a profitable endeavor, and his business has exploded this year. The very nature of social networking is that today's consumers are talking about and recommending specific companies because of personal recommendations from their social network - rather than finding companies online through traditional search engines. Let's face it, websites are our own self-promotion - everyone's company looks good on their website. The way consumers today are sorting through all the internet clutter is by getting personal recommendations through their social network. Your company likely being talked about, and it may not be in a positive manner. It is up to you to monitor what is being said and to respond to and shape the information that is being shared in these social networks. There are two drawbacks to this - the time and knowledge it takes to get this set up in the first place, and then the time to monitor and post Tweets, blogs, etc. Andrew has developed an e-Book, which for only $15, will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours to establishing you and your company on the social networking scene. I know many agents and developers use the end of the year to establish their goals for the upcoming year, and it is also a good time to implement new marketing ideas. This little e-Book called "The Working Man's Guide to Social Media Success" will get you well on your way to integrating Social Media with your current marketing efforts. I highly recommend this eBook and can personally vouch for the increased profitability this important form of marketing will add to your bottom line. You can go to Andrew's New Media Fluent website to purchase your own eBook and get started immediately.
The link to the USA Today article is below:




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