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As quoted from the Ventana's magazine (No. 4)

8-Top professionals share their views on the future of Real Estate in Riviera Maya.

Nancy Edwards, Broker of Cozumel Living Real Estate, was interviewed:

From the lovely island of Cozumel:

"While real estate in Mexico is greatly affected by what is happening in the U.S., I do not feel our prices will drop in Cozumel. They never do. We may have a stagnant market for a short time, but prices never drop in general in a resort area. It is true that we are still suffering a lower than low market due to effects of Emily and Wilma, but prices have not fallen and while we were hoping for a price increase with the coming of this high season, it appears, we might have to buckle down and brace our selves for a mediocre high season this year.

The clients that have come to the area recently are talking about the slowing US market, and have properties there for sale. As soon as they sell, they still plan on purchasing here. Their purchases probably will be delayed though. Clients with cash are still purchasing because it is a `buyers market` with many properties for sale at stagnant, last year prices."

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* Government offices, including a new City Hall, plans to be moved toward the southeast of the city

* This area will include where most of the new houses are to be built, as well as new supermarkets and even a sports area.

* There will also be a new Ferry pier, as part of the project.

COZUMEL, June 9. PorEsto! News article summarized: The new ferry dock is to be located in the Playa Caletita area (where Cozumel Living has a 14,000 m2 piece of land for sale for $3,999,000 USD! A developer's DREAM!!), along with the new master plan of urban development on the island, which envisions moving the urban center of Cozumel from its current location in the "heart" of the tourist area to southeast of the city, where all government offices, including a new Town Hall, sports center, supermarkets, and new homes are to be built.

Mexico Changes its Judicial System, Bringing U.S.-Style Public Trials

For anyone who lives under Mexican jurisdiction, as expats do, a new constitutional amendment signed by President Felipe Calderón is great news.

The amendment aims to streamline court proceedings and cut down opportunities for corruption by making trials public and more transparent. In the future, if you as an expat or tourist need to go to court in Mexico, you can look forward to a system with some of the same safeguards as you have at home. It’s a huge change for Mexico, where currently judges read written evidence behind closed doors, make their decisions, and issue their opinions.

Defendants, for their part, are considered guilty from the start. Under the new system, prosecutors and defense attorneys will argue their cases in open court­ and judges will have to explain their decisions to defendants, who will now be considered innocent until proven otherwise.

The radical change has long been needed, but two previous administrations couldn’t muster the support needed to get it approved (17 of Mexico’s 31 states had to ratify the amendment). The fact that Calderón has succeeded, attests to the broad support he has in Congress for his fight against organized crime.

That is the impetus behind the legal reform. In addition to more transparent, public trials, the new system implements some measures clearly aimed at bringing down the drug cartels. For one thing, it closes some legal loopholes widely used by crime figures, such as putting property in family members’ names to avoid its confiscation ­and then reclaiming it once they walk free. Under the new system, any property that is gained illegally will eventually be passed to the state, even if the alleged “owner” never committed a crime.

But they’ll have eight years ­until 2016­ to learn. That’s the deadline for fully implementing the new legal system.


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BELLO CARIBE Development

274 Hectares

*Lot #1 (blue): 270 Hectares

*Lot #2 (yellow): 24,826 M2

*Lot #3 (green): 10,767 M2

* Beach Front: 200m + 700m with permits for 1,000m beach concession

* Located 10 Minutes from the International Airport by the Country Club.

* 16 Hectare Marina planned that is to be 3 to 5 meters deep

* Permits for 5000 hotel rooms (Cozumel only has 4000 now)

* Permits allow for 15 stories high

(Cozumel Living currently has two oceanfront lots in the Caribe Mexicana development that sits just to the north of the Lot #2 in yellow. These are 18.75 meter ocean frontage x 100 meters deep each $600,000 USD each or $1,100,000 USD for both 37.50 m x 100 m

We also have three 20 x 36 meter oceanview lots located in the dark area surrounded by the yellow, green, and blue. 13-6 is on the front row and is listed for $96,000 USD, 13-12 & 13-19 are on the back row and listed for $60,000 USD each.)

Remodeling Park Andrés Quintana Roo

Cozumel, Quintana Roo, June 24, 2008

In order to implement the commitment made by the municipal president, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Hernandez, to promote cultural and recreational activities on the island, the director of Public Works Youssef Achache Carrillo is accepting bids for the refurbishment of the park Quintana Roo.

Bids were accepted until June 27 and work will begin the first few days of July

The refurbishment of the park includes a Civic Plaza square, shopping area, public restrooms, an outdoor theater, walkways, parking, landscaping, and of course the proper lighting and benches for the convenience of the people. The work should be completed before September 15, for the traditional Independence Day celebration that might be part of the park opening.

The Director of Public Works indicated that this work is of paramount importance because the community does not have a space that is appropriate to carry out cultural events, arts, and recreation with large attendance.




COZUMEL LIVING special offers this month:



Casa Delfin: 4-Bedroom, Living, Dining Room, Kitchen, Balconies, Central A/C, 3.5 Baths, 3-Levels, Pool Shared with Casa Sirena, Unfurnished, Parking. This home is located just south of the Melia Maya Hotel in the North Hotel zone. It offers spectacular views and a beautiful grassy yard to the ocean. Miles of walkable sandy beaches to pass the day! Great vacation rental income property!! $ 600,000 USD

Casa Sirena: 4-Bedroom, Living, Dining Room, Kitchen, Balconies, A/C Central, 4.5 Baths, 3-Levels, Pool Shared with Casa Delfin, Unfurnished., Maids quarters or studio apartment in front. Parking Twin to Casa Delfin.

Buy both and remodel into a very large home. $600,000 USD


Casa Jasmin I: 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Baths, is currently one level and occupied, but will be a 2 level home with pool. 10 Av. between Calle 19 & 21. $385,000 USD

Casa Jasmin 2: 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Baths, 2 level home with pool currently Under Construction 10 Av. between Calle 19 & 21 South $385,000 USD Under Construction!!!!

Casa Aisha: Pre-construction on 85Av between 7 & 9. Build to your specifications. Lot: 9 x 27 m Approx. $200,000 USD

Casa Helado: 25 Av Sur C between Calles 19 y 21 Sur. A very nice 3 Bedroom, Living, Dining Room, Kitchen, Laundry Room, A/C, 2.5 Baths, 2 Levels, Backyard, Pool, Gated parking for 2 cars, Furnished, $265,000 USD


Nah Ha 502: Own 1/2 interest in a beautiful furnished 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath condo directly on the ocean. Owner would like to share time throughout the year and share in rentals as well. The expenses are covered by the rentals. This is one of the nicest furnished condos in this luxuriuos, well run building. $375,000 USD


Gran Costa Sur: Imagine yourself owning your own condo on one of the nicest, sandy beaches in Cozumel within walking distance to great beach clubs and water sports activities. These units will be GREAT rentals as well as luxurious homes. The plans are for 18 three bedroom units and 12 two bedroom units.

All condos have oceanviews.

This View from penthouse Bldg. #4 development has it's own private sandy beach, 2 poolbathrooms at the large infinity pool, a covered seating area, workout and game room, parking, and a Jacuzzi on each balcony. Each building has one condo on each level. The penthouse unit has a rooftop garden living area that is fantastic!!

Prices start at $332,000 USD One building is finished and there is a model ready. Come visit us now and take advantage of construction prices. They have really come down and are some of the BEST prices for condos on the ocean in the south zone.


Miramar #102: 2 bedroom, 2 bath, oceanfront condo with all new appliances. The living and master bedroom have a patio that faces the pool and the ocean. Unfurnished $375,000 USD.

Miramar #204: Nicely furnished 1 bedroom, 1 bath. Large bedroom has a king size bed and sitting area facing the ocean. There is a sleeper sofa in the living room and desk with WI-Fi internet. This s a GREAT vacation rental renting all the time!! $295,000 USD.


Lot Joel: 1,380 m lot off Airport Blvd on Calle 14 Norte between 10 y 15 Av This was two almost 700 meter lots that were put together into one title. We will sell as one lot or get them subdivided and sell as two lots. $300,000 USD for the one big lot. NEGOTIABLE!!!!


Villas Fondeville 10th Av. Sur between 7 & 9 So. #621 Shared Pool, Patio, and Garden


Villa Fondeville #1: A two level, 1 Bedroom with Studio, Living, Dining,

Kitchen, A/C, Bath, Semi-Furnished. Bedroom overlooks pool and garden area. $97,000 USD

Villa Fondeville #3: Twice as big as #1. Two story, 2 Bedroom, Living, Dining, Kitchen with a unique built in fake fireplace that adds a homey warmth to the condo, A/C, 1 ½ Baths, Furnished, nestled in the back of the development. This condo rents well as a vacation rental. $147,000 USD


Costa Azul:Building located behind Chedraui on 5 Av. between Calle 15 & 17

The 2 level penthouse condo on the right in the photo of the building above. 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath with jacuzzi tubs in each bathroom, a garage, Furnished with a palapa covered patio terrace with jacuzzi and beautiful ocean viewing tower balcony, great rental $235,000 USD

Caribe Sunset: Also a 2 level, 2 bedroom penthouse condo on the left hand side of the photo above, 2.5 baths with jacuzzi tubs in each bathroom, a garage, Furnished penthouse condo with 2 level balcony for drinking margarita's and watching the sunset, Jacuzzi on the terrace, located behind Chedraui shopping complex. Great rental. $250,000 USD

Hacienda Monte Cristo #9, #7, #13: The building is a work of art. The Mediterranean and Mexican styled Hacienda is located within the Country Club Estates convenient to the Nicklaus-designed PGA golf course and the ocean. Less than a minute walk from the finest white sand beaches to be found anywhere in the Riviera Maya. $195,000 USD up



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