There are no city utility services at this large, inland lot on the other side of the island. You would have to have a well drilled - approximately $20,000 pesos or $1400 USD or set up water storage to catch rain water, etc.
Sophisticated sewage systems cost around $5000 USD and come from Mexico City.

You would also have to participate with the owners that have bought in the road so far and add to the road to get to your lot. This is done with a material called sascab which is a hard limestone sand they press down to create the road. These are good roads that last a fairly long time and are inexpensive to bring in. I would plan an extra $2000 USD to get that taken care of and have a nice road to your lot.


Located on the other side of the island by Coconuts inland about a kilometer

This 2 1/2 acre lot (10,000 m2 or 1 hector) is in a development with partial roads in to some of the 76 lots of the same size. When you buy into this community, the original owner of the entire community can now title the property to you so you will pay your own annual property taxes, garbage, etc. To be able to get into your lot, you will have to pay a portion of the expense for some of the owners so far putting in the gate and some of the roads that are now there.  You may end up having to pay to bring the road further to get to your lot.  On this particular lot, there is a walkway cut through to the lot, but no road.  You would have to bring the road in about 150 meters to get to this lot. There are no city services. This is an environmentally friendly development where you use solar, wind, or generated power, drill a well for water, and have a septic system. It's a great, private get away off the road on the east side of the island about a kilometer inland. There is no construction. You can build something of natural fibers, temporary in nature.

The photos are of a neighbors lot and only an example of how you can build out your lot!!!




$15,000 USD




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