Mexico recently revised one of their aviation laws to now permit pets to fly in cabin on flight in and out of Mexico. This revised Circular “CO AV-07.8/07 R2” from the Mexican Aviation Authority (DGAC) dated June 21, 2012 supersedes a Circular that went out in May of this same year instructing all international airlines to abide by a very old law in which pets were only allowed to travel in the cargo department and NOT in the passenger cabin. Thanks to everyone who sent messages and called the Mexican Tourism department, the Mexican Aviation Authority listened to us and has now revised the law and pets can once again travel inside the passenger cabins on airplanes to and from Mexico; however, it is now at each individual Airline Company’s discretion.

However if you are planning on traveling back to Mexico anytime soon and would like to fly with your furry four-legged loved one, please double check with the airlines BEFORE you make your reservation. Because as of today 27 June 2012, the only airline who has reversed their policy and is now allowing pets to travel is US AIRWAYS. American airlines announced their new policy permitting pets to travel in cabin will take effect on 01 July 2012 as well, however the below airlines have still not reversed their pet in cabin policy.

If you plan to travel on one of the below airlines we suggest you start voicing your complaint and concern NOW in hopes that their policy will also change before your travel date. You can contact the airline in writing or via telephone and simply explain that you are referring to the revised Circular CO AV-07.8/07 R2 from the Mexican Aviation Authority (DGAC) dated June 21, 2012 in which Article 4.3 now permits pets to travel in cabin to and from Mexico. And ask when and if their internal airline policy is going to be updated to allow pets to once again travel in cabin.
Air Canada
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Alaska Air
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United’s PetSafe Department ( website)
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