San Miguel de COZUMEL

Often just referred to as “Cozumel” the city on this island
is officially known as San Miguel.

To distinguish it from the other San Miguel,
San Miguel de Allende, you can use
 San Miguel de Cozumel.

We’re located on the Corpus Christy neighborhood!
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The streets of Cozumel

CALLES (Streets) run North (even) – South (odd)
AVENIDAS (Avenues) run East – West increasing by 5.

Avenida Benito Juarez runs directly through the center of town
separating addresses North and South. It is also the main road to
the other side of the island!

Avenidas y Calles above Benito Juarez – “NORTE”
Avenidas y Calles below Benito Juarez – “SUR”

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